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Rating for ICAO Language Proficiency Standards

6th and 7th September 2011

hosted by the Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile, Toulouse, France


To mark the 20th anniversary of ICAEA and the launch of the new ICAO Rated Speech Samples, a Forum will be held at ENAC Toulouse, the original fountainhead of aviation English training in France. The new training aid appears at a timely moment when test endorsement is shortly to be brought in.  Rating and rater harmonisation are vital topics which are of concern to many.

This Forum will address the following issues:

  • Launch of the new ICAO Rated Speech Samples training aid
  • Initial and Recurrent Rater Training
  • Rater Reliability
  • Guided hands-on rating practice
  • Practice with the new training aid
  • Analysis of individual rating performances
  • Update from ICAO test endorsement work-group

Keynote speakers and workshop leaders will include:
Nicole Barrette-Sabourin (ICAO), Michael Kay (Australian Council for Education Research), Michael O'Donoghue and John Kennedy (ENAC), Angela ffrench and Dr. Evelina Galaczi (Cambridge ESOL), Sergey Melnichenko (Complang) and Fiona Robertson and Philip Shawcross (ICAEA)

The Forum, consisting of plenary sessions and break-out workshops, will take place in the newly refurbished ENAC main auditorium and nearby classrooms starting at 9a.m. on Tuesday 6th September, and ending at 6 p.m. on Wednesday 7th. There will also be a book display and posters of innovative work in the field of aviation English.

Places at this event are limited and so we suggest you register and book your hotel room as soon as possible.



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